Chair / Director, New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education Limited

The New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education is a nationwide educator for exceptional primary school students whose normal schools – for whatever reason – aren’t meeting their needs.

New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education was established on May 6th 2014. The Centre brings together two organisations with combined experience of over 30 years’ in gifted education. The Gifted Education Centre and The Gifted Children’s Advancement Charitable Trust decided to form the new organisation with a vision to combine the strengths of both organisations to better serve the gifted community through provision of services, advocacy, and professional services for educators and parents.

We have some 400 students across the country. A lot are twice exceptional; that is, gifted, but also with a learning or behavioural issue of some kind.

I first got involved when the Gifted Education Centre asked me to help them prepare a strategic plan. Apparently I did a good job, because they asked me to join their board. It quickly became apparent though that the biggest question they faced was whether to merge with their main competitor, the Gifted Children’s Advancement Charitable Trust.

Through 2013, I worked with the boards of both charities in various roles to facilitate the merger. When the new, merged charitable company launched in May 2014, they elected me as Chair of the board. Every other member of the board has a doctorate or is a current or former company CEO, so it was incredible to be asked to lead them through our founding year.