Management Committee Member, Human Rights Foundation

Human Rights Foundation

I joined the Human Rights Foundation‘s board in October 2014. Being approached itself was an honour, because other board members include senior lawyers, respected academics, and former Human Rights Commissioners. Here’s what we do:

The Human Rights Foundation is a non-governmental organisation, established in December 2001, to promote and defend human rights through research based education and advocacy. We have made submissions on new laws with human rights implications. We also monitor compliance and implementation of New Zealand’s international obligations in accordance with the requirements of the international conventions New Zealand has signed, and have prepared shadow reports for relevant United Nations treaty bodies to be considered alongside official reports. Though the primary focus of the Foundation is on human rights in New Zealand, we recognise the universality of human rights and have an interest in human rights in the Pacific and beyond.

On the board, I lead our climate change and environmental rights focus and have coordinated the updating and redevelopment of our website.