Board Member of Greenpeace New Zealand


Greenpeace New Zealand coopted me onto their board in February 2015. They approached me in January. I was really honoured that they asked me.

Greenpeace needs no introduction. We are an independent international campaigning organisation that provides a voice for our fragile earth. Though a global organisation, with regional offices in several countries, Greenpeace has a special place in many New Zealanders’ hearts.

Late one night, about two months before I was born, a close friend of my father’s watched a small group of men launch a zodiac from the wharf beside his house in Stanley Point, Auckland. Just before midnight, on the other side of the harbour, two bombs exploded on board the Rainbow Warrior, sinking it – and taking one life.

The newest iteration of the Rainbow Warrior.
The newest iteration of the Rainbow Warrior.

As a child, I watched Greenpeace New Zealand continue Aotearoa’s proud resistance to nuclear testing through the 1990s, stand against field releases of early genetic engineering in the first half of the 2000s, and step New Zealand’s climate movement up to another level before the 2009 Copenhagen summit.

I’m really excited to have this small chance to help contribute to taking that proud history further.

We are a high-level strategic board, supervising our experienced and brilliant executive director Bunny McDiarmid.  That is:

The Board is elected by the Voting Assembly, a group comprised of 35 supporters from Greenpeace NZ’s supporter base, five staff from other Greenpeace offices (or GPI) and 10 former Greenpeace NZ staff who have left for more than a year.
The Board is comprised of six directors, who are elected at the Annual General Meeting, each for a term of three years. They ensure that the organisation is being managed in an effective and ethical manner, in accordance with Greenpeace’s objectives.

The GPNZ Executive Director is responsible for overall management of the organisation. She reports to, and is hired by, the GPNZ Board.

Rainbow Warrior photos used under a Creative Commons licence: ‘Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior at Victoria’s Inner Harbour’ by Nick Kenrick and ‘Rainbow Warrior‘ by ‘**AB**’.