Oxfam Trailwalker #8

In three weeks, I’m walking 100km to help raise money for one of New Zealand’s best development charities, Oxfam. Would you be able to help us out, please?

You can donate on our team page here:

Another Sausage

Team bio:

We’ve all done the Trailwalker before. We’re doing it again. Please donate all the moneys.

John Loftus is already the green-smoothie powered, moustacheoed veteran of 10 Trailwalkers. That’s right, he’s walked more Trailwalkers than Aotearoa has had Trailwalkers.

David Tong is onto Trailwalker number eight. He just bought a Vitamix while travelling in the US, so is already planning an intra-support crew smoothie off.

David Kraitzick likes bikes. His stance on smoothies is as yet unknown, but this is his second Trailwalker.

Marina Strbac lost toenails the first time she did the Trailwalker. We reckon the problem was just that she trained too much, so we’re not going to repeat that mistake for the second take.

Between us, that’s 22 Trailwalkers walked – and counting our support crew, we’ve together been involved in over fifty. John and David walked it together last year, so they had to get another vegan and another sausage. Tradition and all that.