Coordinator, Fast for the Climate

The working group (a loose but very effective coalition of coalitions) behind the global Fast for the Climate campaign engaged me as campaign coordinator from 26 March 2015. Fast for the Climate is an extraordinary campaign, born out of Naderev ‘Yeb’ Saño’s fast during the Warsaw climate talks. I am honoured to have been offered such […]

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New Adopt a Negotiator webinar: Writing about National Climate Commitments

On Monday night, Christian Teriete from TckTckTck, Denise Fontanilla of Jubilee South and I had a chat with Adopt a Negotiator’s Chris Wright about how to communicate the upcoming Intended Nationally Determined Commitments national plans for facing up to climate change from 2020 on. If there’s ever been a time to write about Climate Change, its […]

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