On TckTckTck: Five key take-aways from last week’s Social PreCOP

David Tong is the Chair of the P3 Foundation. Last week, Venezuela hosted an unprecedented PreCOP meeting between ministers and negotiators from 40 countries  and representatives from some 80 civil society organisations and social movements worldwide. Here are five important points about the Social PreCOP to know before next month’s climate talks in Lima. 1) The […]

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Fellow at Adopt a Negotiator

Adopt a Negotiator is a blog and media team that the Global Call for Climate Action runs to cover the UN climate negotiations. Each year, they select around ten young climate communicators from over 1,500 applicants from around the world to track their countries’ negotiators, give us a stack of bold “Negotiator Tracker” t-shirts, train […]

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Photographer, Climate Peoples and Humans of the UN Climate Talks

I enjoy taking photos of interesting people – and I think the international climate movement brims with fascinating, diverse characters. In 2013, I worked closely with members of UKYCC from the launch of Humans of the UN Climate Talks, becoming one of the main photographers. Amongst others, I photographed UN General Assembly president John Ashe, UNDP […]

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