Bottomlining Team Member, International Youth Climate Movement (YOUNGO)

Youth Climate

The International Youth Climate Movement is the global movement of youth for a safe, just climate future. When we go to the UN climate talks, we are the youth constituency – YOUNGO.

I have been a member of YOUNGO’s Bottomlining Team since the Durban talks in 2011. The Bottomlining Team basically does the general grunt work to support the constituency and movement. I also joined YOUNGO’s communications working group in 2014.

As a member of these teams, I have:

  • relaunched our Facebook page, which now has over 20,000 likes
  • helped to maintain our Twitter page
  • implemented Loomio to facilitate better decision-making within the movement
  • relaunched YOUNGO’s internal calendar
  • comprehensively reviewed our working groups, policies and mandates to (for the first time since 2010) actually have a coordinated list of them
  • helped to maintain our core email list
  • organised workshops and meetings at the Conferences of Youth and the climate talks

Now, my main project in YOUNGO is updating our website. Before the Paris talks, we also want to update all our mandates and policies, so the constituency is fighting fit and ready to go.