In the Herald: UN Climate talks: Rioting outside, hunger strikes inside

The Herald’s Element magazine ran my column from inside the Warsaw climate talks:

Phillipino Adopt a Negotiator fellow Carlie Liberia who spoke to the plenary about the effects of typhoon hit by Typhoon Haiyan.

Adopt a Negotiator Fellow and Kiwi David Tong reports from the climate talks in Warsaw, Poland:

Earlier this month, Poland celebrated National Independence Day. The United Nations climate Secretariat warned everyone here in Warsaw attending the climate talks to be careful, because there might be ‘football fans’ outside.

The first football game I watched live was in London and I’m told ten million pounds rested on the outcome for one team’s owner. Three rows of police cordoned off the defeated team’s fans.

But, it wasn’t just football fans. It was a riot, complete with tear gas, rubber bullets, and over 100,000 Polish nationalists. Police helicopters were circling.

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