Fellow at Adopt a Negotiator

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Adopt a Negotiator is a blog and media team that the Global Call for Climate Action runs to cover the UN climate negotiations. Each year, they select around ten young climate communicators from over 1,500 applicants from around the world to track their countries’ negotiators, give us a stack of bold “Negotiator Tracker” t-shirts, train us in climate policy and communications, then let us loose on the climate summits.

You can read my writing for Adopt a Negotiator here.

Negotiator Tracker T-shirt
The special limited edition 2014 Tracker t-shirt.

In 2013, Adopt a Negotiator selected me as one of ten Fellows. They were an incredible team to work with. Apart from project director Josh, I was the only first language English speaker on the team – well, except for Hamzy, an unstoppable force of nature from Nigeria (and one of the best dudes I’ve ever worked with), who described his first language as “broken English”. Other team members included: Ukraine’s Olga Monchak, listed as one of 350’s top inspiring female activists, and the Philippines’ Carlie Labaria, who spoke to open the summit for the youth. I could go on, because they were all incredible. Working with such a diverse but super competent team was an incredible experience.

At the Warsaw talks, I wrote what was then the most read post in the Project’s history: And They Laughed. Philippine negotiator Naderev ‘Yeb’ Saño tweeted a link to Russel Norman MP, inspiring a TV3 News story. And then things all got a bit silly, with two senior Government ministers outright denying climate change.

In 2014, Adopt a Negotiator sent me to cover the Social PreCOP and selected me as one of the rare few second-time Fellows, but agreed to let me split my time between their work and running Fast for the Climate‘ communications. The 2014 team stepped things up hard. We published 450 articles on Adopt a Negotiator and in domestic media. I just wish that I had more time to work with the team and get to know everyone.

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